You Might Be a Rude Pedestrian

It has been growing. Slowly over the past few years it has grown more rapidly than in years past. As the days pass, it grows even more. Growing so large in fact that I can no longer keep my mouth shut. For fear of exploding it must come out. I can take it no longer. I’ve had enough.

After one too many close calls, I’m over it!

I have officially reached my limit and can not contain myself any longer.

There is a growing trend in parking lots across the country. Rude pedestrians are walking carelessly everywhere putting themselves and the safety of their neighbors in danger.

I have had it up to “here” and well beyond with pedestrians in parking lots. There is no longer any regard for the cars driving through the parking lot and navigating the aisles. 

It is called a parking lot for a reason, cars park there. It is not a people lot. Yes people drive those cars, but if you walk in a parking lot you must take care to look out for your safety.

At first I thought it was a “younger” generation problem. Perhaps parents of my generation were too busy to teach their children to safely navigate a parking lot. They were never instructed to look both ways, give right of way to cars, or to never assume that a car would stop if it was driving in the parking lot.

However, it is no longer only the teenagers and young twenty somethings that are stepping out of the store without regard for on coming traffic. Young and old alike do not give as much as a glance either direction before stepping out into on coming traffic.

Now the tables have turned, it is the drivers that are on high alert for the possible wayward pedestrian walking in the parking lot or out of the grocery store doors.

We as the drivers have to always be on alert so as to not harm a careless and frankly clueless sorry excuse for a human.

Are people seriously that self absorbed these days that they do not care or have consideration for the drivers in the parking lot? DO they want to get hurt so they can sue and win some money?

What is the motivation behind this new and incredibly dangerous trend?

Just this afternoon, I was pushed over the edge. I had been teetering on the cliff of frustration for a very long time but today I had enough.

I ran quite a few errands, did some grocery shopping, and enjoyed time at a coffee shop.

While walking from my car to the grocery store each time I happened to be near another pedestrian that was also walking in the parking lot. EVERY time the other pedestrian walked straight across the driving lane without so much as a glance to the left or the right to check for on coming traffic.

Whereas I stopped, looked and often time waited for the oncoming car that had just slammed on it’s brakes to avoid the careless and clueless pedestrian walking next to me that bolted into traffic.

When the drivers realized I wasn’t going to walk into traffic without acknowledging them and waiting for a signal to wait or go, they graciously waved me across. Just like the old days. 

Anyone else remember those days? I’d go grocery shopping with my Mom and it was a given that we’d stop just outside of the grocery store doors to look for on coming parking lot traffic. We’d either wait until the car passed or the car would stop and wave us across.

What happened to those gestures of common courtesy?

Where did our care and thoughtfulness of our neighbors disappear to?

Where do pedestrians nowadays find their complete disregard for the drivers in the parking lots who also happen to be their neighbors? Why are they so rude and clueless?

It is an honest question, that I truly want to discover an answer for.

Adults older than myself, who most assuredly grew up in the day when you waited and looked for oncoming traffic, no longer give hardly a glance when walking out of a grocery store or crossing the flow of traffic in a parking lot. Why? What happened to these adults?

I am purposeful in the training of my own children while we are in parking lots. Never do I walk out into traffic with them. I always point out those that choose unsafely when walking in the parking lot. I use these careless pedestrians as examples of what not to do and why we don’t behave as they do.

It might be small, but my children will be different. They will not be like young adults of their generation and walk all over a parking lot as if they own it. They will not be sucked into their phones or off in their own mental world without giving a second thought to the safety concerns around them. They will look for traffic. They will wait for cars. They will NOT disrespect their fellow neighbors by assuming that they will stop when a pedestrian carelessly walks in front of their moving car.

rude pedestrian

This new and careless trend has to stop. It simply has to stop. 

Parents, I implore you to stop this bad habit if you do it yourself while walking in a parking lot. Please also teach your children to respect the cars in a parking lot. Don’t ever assume that a car will stop for you as you walk across the flow of traffic. Chances are they are just as distracted as you are and the outcome of that scenario will not be pretty.

Drivers and pedestrians alike need to care for one another, show common courtesy, and look out for each others safety.

Stop carelessly walking in parking lots!

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