The Case Against Drinking Milk

The Case Against Drinking Milk. Long-term ill health effects from dairy.

It has long been accepted that milk, particularly from cows or even goats is a necessary part of our everyday diet. Milk has long been promoted, dare I say overly promoted, as a crucial source of calcium. An enormous portion of our population still believes that calcium is needed to build strong bones and that milk is the only source to obtain these necessary levels of calcium. There is just one problem with this propaganda that has been thrown down our throats, cow’s milk is nutritionally perfect for baby cows (calfs) and likewise goat’s milk is intended for baby goats (kids).

Why would humans want to consume something designed and nutritionally perfected for another animal?

I won’t argue that we need calcium. My background in biology has proven to me time and time again that our bones do in fact need the mineral calcium for bone health, strength, and growth. However, we should not be obtaining this calcium from dairy products.

You may remember a recent post in which I discussed the health effects from eating and drinking animal sources, including why we should not be drinking milk. 

In addition to not being designed for our digestive systems, according to this article and numerous related articles like it there are numerous other hazardous effects from consuming dairy. These ill effects include cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lactose intolerance, and harmful effects on infants and children. Why would you willingly consume something that causes all of these health related issues? 

Milk is not making you healthier, it is making you sick and costing you your health.

In order to obtain the calcium your body needs try these non-dairy alternatives:

  • Non-dairy milk; sources such as almond milk, hemp milk, oat milk, rice milk, and coconut milk are wonderful and delicious options for your morning breakfast cereal or to use in recipes calling for milk. If the source does not naturally contain calcium, commercial sources will often be supplemented with calcium.
  • Vegetables; yes fresh veggies are an excellent source of calcium. As you can see from this info graphic there are plenty of excellent sources of calcium in a plant-based dairy-free lifestyle.

vegan calcium sources infographicSource: USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 24, 2011 and manufacturers’ information.

  •  Figs; 8 ounces of figs contain 79-100mg of calcium which is excellent for fruit sources.

With so many amazing plant-based non-dairy sauces readily available for your daily calcium intake and considering the horrendous health effects dairy has on your body, why are you still drinking milk, eating cheese and yogurt? I’d like to encourage you to ditch the dairy and choose plant-based sources for your daily calcium.


  1. chanelle says

    I agree that milk has been over-promoted and that we definitely don’t need as much as we’re consuming. However, I do think that raw cows or goats milk contains an abundance of nutrients without some of the harmful things we find in conventional milk. What are your feelings on raw dairy?

    • Alexis says

      Chanelle, thank you so much for your thoughts and feedback. You asked a great question regarding raw milk. In terms of hormone levels and antibiotics found in commercial pasteurized milk, raw milk is far superior so long as you are purchasing from a trusted organic source. However, milk contains casein regardless if it is raw or pasteurized. Casein causes a whole host of health problems. I have another post in the works on this topic. Thanks again for stopping by, I love hearing from my readers! ~Alexis

  2. Deborah Davis says

    Hi Alexis,
    Yes! You are so right! I drink hemp, almond, coconut and rice milk and eat loads of leafy green vegetables so I am satisfied with the plant-based calcium sources in my diet. Thank you so much for enlightening us about the health problems associated with drinking milk as well as the rich, viable plant-based sources available at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Blog Hop! I sincerely appreciate it.

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