Cure Swimmer’s Ear Naturally

All seven of my children come by swimming naturally, we live in a climate that is warm and sunny over 300 days of the year. My husband and I also put a huge emphasis on learning to swim from a very early age.

We were fortunate to find a swim program that teaches kids to swim as early as 18 months when our oldest boys were very young. Each of our children have gone through these classes as soon as they were old enough. Water safety is of a huge importance in our family.

Needless to say during the warm summer months my family and I are poolside more often then not. However, I have one one that struggles with swimmers ear.

Swimmers Ear

According to the Mayo Clinic, swimmers ear is defined as an infection in the outer ear canal. It is often times brought on by water remaining in the ear canal providing a moist environment perfect for bacterial growth.

If I can avoid antibiotics I will. Swimmers ear is a perfect case for treating the infection naturally without the use of Western medicine. I always closely monitor how my son’s ear is feeling when he mentions his ear is hurting after swimming. If I am unable to treat the swimmers ear at home of course I won’t hesitate to take my son to the doctor but there is a time and place for treating cases such as his at home.

Essential oils are always my go to for treating a wide plethora of conditions. To date I’ve been able to easily treat my son’s swimmers ear with essential oils and homemade ointment.

My favorite essential oil recipe for treating swimmers ear is a mixture of chamomile roman, red thyme, and tea tree oil mixed with ointment. I then place a bit of essential oil and ointment mixture in my son’s affected ear and close with a small bit of cotton ball. My son leaves it in his ear for 1-2 hours and carefully removes the ointment after that time.

1/2 ounce homemade ointment
10 drops chamomile roman
4 drops thyme
4 drops tea tree oil

Mix oils then combine with homemade ointment.