Fun in the Sun with Your Family

Fun family outdoor activities

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Living in Southern California, it is often said we pay a “sunshine tax” because we have nearly year round sunshine. As a family we are outside enjoying the sun nearly everyday, soaking in the sun and making fun family memories together. During the summer though when the temperatures begin to soar my family and I love to flock to the water to stay cool, have fun, and make memories.

This summer my husband and I are packing each and every day with as much outdoor family fun as possible. Our motivation for packing this summer with outdoor fun is simply to make as many fun family memories as possible and make this most of this time in our children’s childhoods. If we aren’t intentional in our memory making activities it is very easy to procrastinate and let time pass us by with nothing to show for family memories when our children are young.

Fun family outdoor activities

No matter where you live or what you enjoy doing outdoors with your family there is plenty of fun to be had in the sun. To make the most of this summer, BE INTENTIONAL!

Be intentional with your time and outdoor activity choices. For my family being intentional means weekly beach trips and weekly (minimum) trips to the pool. Having a regular schedule this summer gives us something to look forward to each week. Just like when I was young, my children and I meet a few other families at the beach once a week. I have incredibly fond memories of that time in my childhood and I am so grateful for the time this summer that my children are spending with their friends building sand castles and playing in the waves.

Beach CollageFun family outdoor activities

Making the most out of our time in the sun this summer requires some toys and supplies to help keep my littles ones busy. I was so excited to see the outdoor toys on sale at our local Kmart earlier this summer. With seven kids,  we need lots of toys and can’t afford to spend a fortune on toys that are easily forgotten at the beach. Kmart came through this summer and saved us serious money. If beach and pool toys aren’t what you are looking for, you will find a huge selection of other outdoor toys including pools, play tables, swing sets and much more.

Fun family outdoor activities

No matter what your outdoor activity of choice is, make sure your family is safe doing what they love. For my family this means making sure all of our children are water safe. This summer our children are all nearly water safe and are very comfortable in and around the pool. Of our 7 children, the only one who is not water safe is one of our 3 year twins who has a mild case of Cerebral Palsy.  Everyday that we are at the pool we continue to work with her on kicking and water safety. Teaching our children to swim from a young age has always been a huge priority in our family.

Here is a fun video my husband took this past weekend in slow motion of one of our sons having fun in the pool.

Even if the water is not your favorite outdoor activity, there are limitless possibilities for your family to have fun and enjoy the outdoors this summer. Just get outside, enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer, and most importantly make amazing lifetime memories with your family.

Fun family outdoor activities

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