Every Mom is a SuperMom

Have you ever told a close friend that they were a “SuperMom”?

You likely felt like they had it all together while you were falling apart inside. You felt scattered, frustrated, overwhelmed and ready to throw you your arms while the woman next to you seemed to be successfully juggling more than you.

We are all supermoms. God made you the perfect mom for your family. AlexisMathews.com


I’ve been there. Done that. 

And God lead me to the following which I’m honored to be guest posting on the 2:1 conference blog.

Read why you are a SuperMom, in fact everyone is a SuperMom here.

Navigating Special Events With A Food Allergy Child

5 tips for eating out and traveling when you have children with food allergies or sensitivities.

Davonne is guest posting today on the topic of children with food allergies and sensitivities. Please join us as we hear her personal story of parenting a child with food allergies.

Navigating Special Events With A Food-Allergy Child

With so many GMOs, more and more kids are developing food allergies and special events are becoming more challenging than ever before.

Since my husband is lactose intolerant, I have a gluten sensitivity, and one of my children needs to eat gluten-free as well, we’ve gone completely gluten-free and dairy-free at home. I’ve also spent the past several months learning how to navigate food at places like church potlucks, dinners with extended family, birthday parties, and homeschool events.

Here are five things I’ve learned about navigating special events when dealing with food allergies and sensitivities:


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