2015 Word of the Year: Faith

For 2015, my one word is FAITH. Find out how this one little word will improve my health, family, and personal struggles. AlexisMathews.com

 In a few short months, Health Matters. Life Matters. will celebrate it’s one year anniversary. I started this blog as a story of my family’s personal journey living a vegan and gluten free lifestyle. Over the past 8 months this blog along with the Facebook page has grown into a source of encouragement and education for those seeking to live a healthier plant based life. During this short time I’ve met, talked online, and counseled countless people, just like you and I who are tired of feeling tired. Personally it has been so encouraging to watch a few of these individuals make the changes needed to start living a healthier life free of disease and fatigue.

As I look forward to this year there are goals and aspirations that I have for my little piece of the blogosphere. Accomplishments I’d like to make professionally and personally to better not only this website but also my personal health journey.

When I look ahead to what I want and hope for in 2015 one word sticks out. It is a simple word with so much meaning and implication.

My word for this year is FAITH.

This one simple word will hopefully (and prayerfully) carry over into every aspect of my life this year.

I will need faith to:

  • parent my 7 children
  • finalize an adoption
  • grow my marriage
  • expand my blog and virtual assisting business
  • step outside of my professional comfort zone
  • nurture friendships
  • handle and heal personal struggles
  • grow our homeschool
  • bravely embrace my teenager and his first year of high school at home
  • and lastly, to grow in my relationship with God.

Obviously, this list is not in order of importance. These are simply areas of my life in which I will cling to the word faith and all that this little 5 letter word defines and embraces.

Will you join me in my journey of faith this year? It is my prayer that I continue to encourage and educate each and everyone of you this year to live the healthiest life possible. It is time to step outside of our lifestyle comfort zone and wrap our arms (and minds) around living a clean plant based lifestyle free of GMOs, pesticides, and preservatives.