Healthy Living Tip #4: Processed Foods

Healthy living tip #4, remove all processed foods from your diet.

Removing processed foods from our diet has earned its place in my top five healthy living tips for good reason. Nutritionally speaking there is nothing of redeeming value in processed foods. Aside from nutritional value, the benefit of removing processed food completely from your diet far outweigh the convenience aspect that this type of food provides.

I am at a healthy living conference this weekend and processed foods are being thrown under the bus left and right. Reason after reason is being given for eliminating processed foods to heal our bodies and our environment.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to eliminate processed foods from your diet immediately.

1. Food Allergies

Processed foods are packed full of chemicals, fillers, and genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). All of the unnatural ingredients that we are pouring into our bodies are seen as foreign objects by our digestive tract. The chemicals and fillers are causing immune responses which in turn cause allergic reactions. Your body is trying to evacuate the foreign food by causing the allergic reaction. Do your body a favor and don’t eat the processed food in the first place.

2. Asthma

If you or your children suffer from asthma you absolutely must go to your pantry and refrigerator and examine what you are eating. Asthma is another allergic reaction caused by the sulfites, fillers, and GMOs in the processed foods as described above. A whole food plant based diet will do wonders for healing asthmatic lungs.

3. Weight Loss

As I mentioned yesterday in the healthy living tip in which I discussed elimination soda consumption, cutting out processed foods will also help with weight loss. Processed foods are packed full of fake calories. unhealthy fats, and sugars. All of which lead directly to weight gain and ultimately obesity if left unchecked.

4. Heart Disease

The trans fats in processed foods lead to heart disease, heart attacks, and premature death. If you suffer from heart health issues you need to remove any and all processed foods from your daily diet.

5. Blood Pressure

If you are like most American adults you suffer from (or know someone who is suffering from) high blood pressure. Processed foods are packed, and I mean packed with sodium. In the world of food manufacturing, salt acts as a food preserver and extends the shelf life of foods in our grocery stores. However, sodium also increases your blood pressure and elevates your risk of stroke and heart disease. Cutting out processed foods will reduce all of these health risk factors.

Since learning about processed foods and the harmful effects that they have on our health I can not justify spending hard earned money on foods that do not promote health. Processed foods are tearing your health apart, one bite at a time.

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