Homemade Natural Ointment

Let me just get this out in the open from the very beginning, I loathe the commercially available vegetable ointment. You know the stuff, it comes in a rectangle container and has been around forever.

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While the most popular petroleum jelly is made with USP white petrolatum, which according to most sources is safe. There are numerous brands available that are made with petroleum with questionable manufacturing processes. Some sources even caution to stay away from all petroleum sources because it’s carcinogenic affects have not been proven.

Seriously, who would want to slather this on their body? I haven’t purchased petroleum based ointment in years. Instead I opt for this natural recipe free of chemicals and preservatives.

1T bees wax
4T organic extra virgin olive oil

In a double boiler (or small glass bowl placed over a medium sauce pan with a small amount of water) melt the bees wax. When bees wax has melted, add olive oil 1T at a time. Stir constantly until mixed. Cool and store in a heat proof sealed container (small Pyrex bowl is my favorite).

Once cooled you can add your favorite essential oils or use plain as you would normally use the well known vegetable based ointment.

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