Healthy Living Tip #3: Soda

Healthy Living Tip Soda

This weekend I am at the ShiftCon conference in Los Angeles networking with other healthy living and environmentally conscious bloggers as well as brands in our industry. Blogging conferences go against everything I recommended in yesterday’s healthy living tip. Sleep will be few and far between this weekend as I cram in speaker sessions, networking with other bloggers, and forming relationships with brands.

Typically sleep deprived people, such as I will be this weekend rely heavily on caffeinated drinks to help them feel awake and alert. Being that I cut out caffeine, particularly soda years ago I won’t be turning to those jolts of energy to keep me awake this weekend. I know the harmful effects that caffeine and soda have on my body and I choose not to harm my health which I’ve worked so hard to achieve.

What are the benefits of removing soda and caffeine from your diet?

1. Lose Weight

Soda is packed with calories. One 12 ounce can is approximately 140 calories while a 32 ounce big gulp has a whopping 364 calories.  Just one can of soda a day will add 51,110 calories over the course of one year. That is enough calories to pack on 14.6 pounds of fat. This alone should be enough motivation to ditch the cola.

2. Prevent Diabetes

The sugar and calorie combination in soda can lead to diabetes. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, people who drink one to two cans of soda per day have a 26 percent greater chance of developing type-2 diabetes than those who abstain from sugary drinks.

3. Live Longer

Added weight along with diabetes is a recipe for cutting your life shorter than it would be otherwise. The extra calories and sugar could also lead to obesity which will shorten your life dramatically. Around one in every 100 deaths from obesity-related illness is caused by soda, according to Gitanjali Singh, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health, commenting on research presented at an American Heart Association conference in March 2013.

4. Healthier Heart

The added caffeine in soda can increase your chance for heart disease. The sodium and caffeine in soda have a dehydrating effect on the body which increase blood pressure, blood glucose, and triglycerides.

The moral of the story today is, ditch the soda and grab some water.

If you haven’t had a chance already, please read the rest of the tips I’ve shared so far in this month long series.




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