Healthy Living Tip #13: Arnica

Healthy Living Tip Arnica 

Arnica is a well known pain relieving homeopathic source in the alternative medicine community. Arnica is used for swelling, bruising, arthritis pain, sunburns, and skin irritations. 

In nature, arnica is a flower that appears similar to a daisy with bright yellow flowers and is found in wooded areas of North America as well as southern Russia, and Europe.

Health Benefits of Arnica

Arnica is used to increase circulation and treat bruising, pain and swelling caused by minor injuries. Arnica contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds and is available from most natural health stores. You can find arnica in gel, ointment, cream, or homeopathic tablet forms. The most common form of arnica application is externally using the cream, gel, or ointment. While arnica can be taken internally, be cautious in only taking homeopathic tablets as they are dosed correctly for internal use.

Boiron arnica is my favorite source for this natural pain reliever. They sell the gel, cream, ointment, and homeopathic tablets.

Typical uses for arnica include:

  • muscle sprain
  • arthritis
  • muscle soreness
  • muscle swelling
  • insect bites
  • circulatory issues
  • bruising
  • sunburn

In my family we use arnica so often that I have a bottle of the cream in every bathroom as well as the kitchen. The homeopathic tablets are in my purse, numerous vials in the kitchen, and at least a couple in my bathroom. With a large family there is always someone that has a muscle pain for one reason or another. I also know massage therapists who use arnica on their clients to reduce muscle pain after a deep tissue massage.

If you’ve never tried arnica, I highly recommend adding a bottle of the cream and a homeopathic vial to your arsenal of natural remedies.

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