Healthy Living Tip #2: Sleep

31 Days of Healthy Living Tips Sleep

Welcome to day #2 of a month long series in which I am sharing healthy living tips. My goal is to encourage and equip you to make little changes throughout the month which will result in an overall healthier you as we begin the holiday season.

Healthy living tip #2 is to get your sleep

You may remember my tip from yesterday was to drink at least 50% of your body weight in water ounces every day. Getting enough sleep is second in health only to hydration.

When you don’t get sufficient quality sleep or enough hours of rest every night your overall health will suffer greatly. A lack of sleep will upset your metabolism and eating patterns. Typically a lack of sleep will make you more prone to unhealthy food choices the following day because your body is stressed. When we are stressed we eat. Going to bed at a decent hour will also stop those sabotaging late night kitchen snack raids. 

Additionally, a lack of sleep will also stress your immune system making your more prone to illness, infections, and diseases.

Chronic sleep deprivation will also cause premature aging and skin damage.

Considering all of the negative effects that lack of sleep can cause to our body it serves us well to head to bed earlier than usual every night. Don’t undo all of the positive progress you make with your health by staying up a few extra hours at night.

Sleep is good. It feels good and helps us look good.

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