Five Friday Finds #160

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Are you all ready for the fun and festivities tonight? I want to encourage you and your children to not over indulge on the candy and sweet treats tonight. Sugar lowers our immune systems leaving our bodies prone to colds and infections during an already difficult time of the year for the cold and flu virus. Moderation is key!

If you find yourself or your children feeling ill over the next few days or anytime this winter please remember all of the immunity boosting and cold fighting healthy living tips I’ve shared this month in my 31 Days of Healthy Living Tips series. Elderberry, Ginger, Echinacea, Water, and of course sleep all help fight off viruses and boost your overall immunity.

11 ways to remove sugar from your diet. Go sugar free!  Includes a 21-day sugar free challenge. It is a lifestyle not a diet. Health Matters. Life Matters.

As we enter the time of year when candy, sweet treats and desserts bombard our senses please remember my 21 day sugar free challenge. Sugar is highly addictive, hence why you crave it so strongly. You don’t truly have a sweet tooth and a sugar craving is not normal. Sugar can even affect your mood. I’d love to see all of you start the new year healthier than you are right now.

The Most Popular Post from Last Week’s Five Friday Finds



Hubby’s Awesome Baklava from The MisAdventures of a Born Again Farm Girl


And Now Four Featured Recipes


 Spicy Quinoa, Kale and Kimchi Bowl from Urban Naturale



 Gluten Free Almond Pistachio Cake from Tulip & Lily




Grilled Pineapple with Cinnamon Vanilla Yogurt Dip from Jay Tried and True




Carmel Popcorn Balls from Yesterfood


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  1. Deborah Davis says

    Hi Alexis,
    Thank you so much for featuring ‘Spicy Quinoa, Kale and Kimchi Bowl from Urban Naturale’! I sincerely appreciate the support and recognition. Today I shared a recipe for a hearty quinoa porridge as well as a lemon citrus vinegar natural cleaner recipe–made from my leftover lemon peels. All the best, Deborah

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