Clean Eating Leads to Clean Bill of Health: One Mom’s Story

One Mom's personal story how clean eating made her children healthier including no cavities, reduced ADD and ADHD symptoms, and reduced GMOs in their lifestyle.

It all started with my youngest getting a cavity. I brushed his teeth every day and even flossed for him. It was a nightly ritual that I made sure all three of my children did before going to bed. Leo loved his apple juice, too. I knew it was full of sugar, so I would add ¾ water to ¼ juice. His cavity got so bad we had to silver cap it. Boom. Bad Mommy. I failed my kid. In fact, I failed them all, since every one of them had a new cavity (or two) each annual check-up. What was going on?!?

My middle-child is a very gifted, scholastically advanced, imaginative boy. He is constantly drawing, making monsters out of Play-Doh, or making some Lego space ship to save the galaxy. As brilliant as he is, he wasn’t doing very well in school. How could such a smart boy be struggling, you ask? He couldn’t sit still in class. His teachers year after year would tell me how very smart he is, but just couldn’t follow the rules, keep his hands to himself, and not make disruptive sounds. I spoke to a friend of mine whose son had shown similar behaviors, and she told me that when she changed his diet, his attention span improved, as well as his ability to sit still. I figured, why not try it? 

It was a rough start. Children are only accepting of what they know and are used to – for the most part, so I was the most evil Mommy in the world replacing their Wheat Thins with carrots and Goldfish with apples. It was a very long week or two, full of complaining and whining. But guess what? If they are hungry enough, they will eat what is there! All of a sudden, it was a lifestyle change and my kids were helping themselves to apples, pears, bananas, carrots, and even steamed broccoli with cheese melted on it! Mind…blown. 

Once I saw that it was possible to eat healthier, I started on line research to affirm that what I was doing was all I could do, as well as find out if there was anything I was missing. I found out about how preservatives cause cancer and are linked to hyperactivity in children, how food dyes are linked to ADHD (do you KNOW how many food dyes are in candy?), as well as the very scary GMO Project (Genetically Modified Organisms). Turns out, to keep food fresh longer, and to keep insects off of crops, scientists have INJECTED pesticide DNA into our fruits and vegetables. This cannot be washed away… it is part of the food, and in turn, becomes a part of us, and it is on every grocery store shelf, everywhere.

So, am I organic? No. I can’t afford to be, but I try to be where it counts. For us, apples, bananas, cereal, milk, peanut butter, jelly… you know, the staples are what I buy organic. By the way, all of us had been diagnosed as being lactose intolerant… turns out we are just allergic to the steroids, antibiotics, and hormones in commercial milk. We can drink organic milk every day all day. Tastes amazing, too.

We are not organic, but we are aware. We very slowly but surely have stopped eating fast food, entirely. It has been over a year since our last drive-thru meal (and belly-ache), and not only do we physically feel more energized, but my kids only get sick maybe once or twice a year (as opposed to once or twice a month as before). In addition, my middle child has improved immensely with his behavior in school, and the shocker to me is that when I took all of my kids to the dentist in June for their check up NONE of them had a SINGLE cavity!!!! 

When I was asked to share my story, I got really excited. Knowledge is the first step, and a lot of this is kept from us because it has become such a profitable monopoly.  It is truly scary what is being put into our food, and it is even scarier that we don’t care to question it. Do yourself and your children the biggest favor and take the time and do the research… just make sure that the information you are reading isn’t sponsored by the people who are profiting from our lack of knowledge. I trust the following links for HONEST information. Let me know if you find others. Take care and be well. 

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Jamie Headshot Jamie is a happy mother of 3 beautiful children from southern California. She has noticed a remarkable difference in her families overall health and attitudes since adjusting their diet. She is hoping her story can inspire you to make positive changes to improve your families’ lifestyle as well!


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