15 High Speed Blender Recipes

15 High Speed Blender Recipes

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There are a few small appliances in my kitchen that I consider absolute necessities; my Vita-mix is at the top of that list. I’ve used and abused my precious blender over the past few years and it is still going as strong as the first day I bought it. I use it so often that it really should have a spot of it’s own on my kitchen counter, but alas I have a pet peeve about cluttered counters so it is relegated to a cabinet between uses.

The uses for a high speed blender such as the Vita-mix are nearly limitless. Not only can you quickly whip up a delicious protein shake for breakfast but you can also enjoy an afternoon smoothie treat or a hot and steaming soup for dinner. A high quality, high speed blender can truly be used at every meal and in between for snacks.

The cost may be prohibitive for some at first glance. However, if you stop to consider how long the less expensive blenders last, how quickly the glass blender breaks or the plastic ones crack, what a hassle they are to clean, and how limited they are in their uses when compared to a high speed blender the cost isn’t such a factor anymore. Cut out a few speciality coffees from your neighborhood coffee shop and you will have enough saved for a new high speed blender in no time!

I love my Vita-Mix so much that I will be adding the dry container to my kitchen arsenal very soon. The dry container is great for grinding grains into flour, chopping nuts, or any other drop chopping need you might have in your kitchen. My countertop chopper just isn’t cutting it anymore with my large family and the volume of chopping I need to do to feed my crew healthy whole foods.

I’ve gathered 15 of my favorite recipes from fellow bloggers that can be easily made in your Vita-mix or other high speed blender. You might remember the ginger and turmeric carrot soup from a few weeks ago, it has been a hit since the day it posted.

carrot soup

Ginger & Tumeric Carrot Soup from Health Matters. Life Matters.

Drinks & Smoothies
Collection of Smoothies from Eat Better Spend Less
Cucumber Mint Smoothie from Mama Likes to Cook
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie (sugar and dairy free) from Intoxicated on Life
Easy Cucumber Lemonade from Mama Likes to Cook
Berrylicious Dairy/Sugar Free Coconut Milkshake from Intoxicated on Life
Homemade Organic Apple Juice from Managing Your Blessings
Homemade Strawberry Guava Juice from Managing Your Blessings
Sugar Free Orange Sorbet from Rhonda Sue

Hummus without Tahini from Marriage Motherhood and Missions
Classic Homemade Hummus from Intoxicated on Life
Simple Roasted Red Pepper Hummus from Mama Likes to Cook

Spreads & Dressings
Easy Miso Salad Dressing from Mama Likes to Cook
Butter in a Vitamix from Bless Your Heart and Home
Honey Pecan Butter from A Tipical Day

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